About Us

The Best of the Best

Our vision is to enable companies around the globe to discover the real power of Internet and give them the empowerment to learn, create and grow. Our infrastructure has been strategically designed to comply with the highest standards, no matter how small or big you are.

We've selected our entire product offering very carefully to support truly innovative set of solutions for our customers and at the same time to be affordable and scalable to meet customer’s expectations.

Jupiter zone ltd is using privately-owned Infrastructure in Cyprus, Germany and United Kingdom.

Our first priority is always to keep on track with the latest technologies, as well as to refining the conventional hosting products and introducing a truly innovative set of solutions which are affordable enough to kickstart a Startup project and scalable to meet the expectations of an enterprise.

Except from traditional Cloud services, Jupiter zone also working on different custom project and deployments of Scalable Infrastructure on Private and Public Cloud.