Infrastructure as
a service (IaaS)

IaaS Cloud Design and Build

Jupiterzone team is specialised in the design and implementation of IaaS cloud infrastructures for both private and public cloud implementations. We combine experience and knowledge in designing and building complex networks, storage and compute infrastructures and also have deep expertise in a range of networking and storage technologies that we have selected as being ideally suited in the build-out of Clouds.

Our approach

We have developed a best-practice framework that allows us to design and implement public and private clouds in a low-risk cost effective way.

Establish requirements

We use a series of workshops to establish the business, operational and technical requirements of your IaaS cloud. We will work closely with your project stakeholders in order to always balance the requirements against cost and technology restrictions..

Capacity planning

One of the key factors to building a successful cloud is get virtual machine density as high as possible without compromising performance. The possibility of over-provisioning must also be considered.

Through our extensive experience, we are experts in planning the compute, hypervisor, storage and network architectures to achieve the required compute density.

Technical Design

We use our extensive experience to design network, compute, storage and integration infrastructures that will allow your cloud to scale as demand increases, whilst keeping initial cap-ex minimized. We work with a number of hardware vendors who have created products that fit well into a cloud architecture. Maybe, most importantly, we understand the limitations of many technologies that claim to be cloud aware.

Documentation & skills transfer

We recognise that it is essential that your in-house support teams are able to support your cloud from day 1.

We will create detailed as-build duration and operational run-books

You want to learn more about IaaS Cloud?

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