Secure Remote Access

Establish requirements

Security, Scalability & Availability

Best-practice framework

Secure Remote Access

Jupiterzone team is specialised in the design and implementation of secure remote access for your company in order to stay productive and connected. Nowadays remote work is a standard component of many people’s workweek and also an essential tool for every company that dont want to be geographically restricted.

Our approach

We have developed a best-practice framework that allows us to design and implement public and private clouds in a low-risk cost effective way.

Establish requirements

We combine security,scalability and availability to establish the business, operational and technical requirements of your own secure remote access. We will examine all the aspects of your business in order to always balance the requirements against cost and technology restrictions..

Technical Design

We use our extensive experience to design network, compute, storage and integration infrastructures that will allow your services to scale as demand increases, whilst keeping initial cap-ex minimized.

Documentation & skills transfer

We recognise that it is essential that your in-house support teams are able to support your cloud from day 1.

We will create detailed as-build duration and operational run-books